" The pages tear off super easily, and the paper feels quite substantial. I'm glad the note paper on my decorative cube (received as a gift) ran out. "

" What I liked most of all is that this cube is made in the USA. "

" Great for all around the house...have one on my coffee table & one by the phone, always come in handy. "

" They are just right for my counter. "

" Sticky paper. It works! It's a cube of large sticky notes that looks good on the desk. What's not to like. "

" What's not to like? This stack of sheets hasn't fallen apart in the two months I have it, and the ink and lead take to it. "

" Check out the one with the pretty yellow daffodils and a William Wordsworth poem on it - that one sits on my desk and cheers me up on dreary days. "

" Kind of the mountain as far as cubed paper goes.. - just what I needed. "

" Using it now - perfect. "

" This note pad, being tall and having a cheery, bright blue sky picture on the side, doesn't get lost. "

" Handy, handsome source of paper, without just plain paper in a pile. Feels good to use. Fits the small space we have. "

" Fits right into the paper cube holder. Each sheet of paper tears off easily from the stack with no problems. Very pretty picture on the outside. "

" Just what I was looking for! Cannot find paper cubes in regular stores. Purchased as a present and it was a hit. "

" What can I say about a cube of notes except to say it works. Nice cube to have. "

" Great cube for having by the phones in your house. The size is so generous that I split it in half to use in two different rooms. "

" Very handy and decorative. I have this cube by the phone in our family room within easy reach from our sofa and my husband's recliner. "

" Quality first rate! "

" Not sticky and looks nice on my desk. "

" I like the pop of color on the table by my favorite chair. Cube is very sturdy. "

" Very neat! This is bright and cheerful and the pen hole (not on all patterns) is very convenient! "

" These are perfect for quick notes I make while at my computer, notes I don't want to be sticky. I highly recommend them. "

" Wonderful color and design. I've bought several of these cubes and they are perfect for use by the telephone. The design and color look perfect on my kitchen counter. "

" Just what I wanted. Exactly what I had been looking for and unable to find in any stores. "

" With 700 sheets, this cube will last for a very long time and look pretty the entire time. What I liked most of all is that this cube is made in the USA. "

" Hey baby, nice pad! It's a big pad of paper! You can write on it! It works like paper! But seriously, picked this up for work and folks like using it. It's even better that it's made from 100% recycled paper. "

" I like to use these papers for to-do notes. This is just what I needed - good size, no adhesive, not too flimsy and thin. "

" Finally found the right paper notes. I love these cube notes, I don't want a sticky note for my lists, especially those that I put in my purse. "

" Beautiful, useful and made in the USA. I really love that it has a beautiful daffodil picture stamped on the sides, and the words to William Wordsworth's poem at the bottom. "

" So cute! Lasts forever! "

" Printing is good. The block is huge. I separated it into two and kept one set at home for my sewing room. I took the rest to school. These are useful in Geometry class so I can help students with a problem and then they can keep the small graph paper. "

" Useful. xactly what it purports to be: a cube of paper. "

" Just what we were looking for. Good quality paper. Clean tear off. "

" Great product! Perfect! Exactly what I needed in the office! "

" Pretty! "

" Perfect. I love daffodils, so this goes great on my desk! "

" You don't expect to receive compliments from co-workers on your office supplies, but you likely will with these attractive designs. "

" This purchase met all of my expectations. Loved the size and the fact that it was NOT with a sticky edge. "

" This is excellent. I use these all the time. Luv them. "

" The colors are very bright and the recycled paper that it is made of is a big plus. (Another plus: MADE IN USA!) "

" The cube is cute enough to sit on top of the counter and the papers "tear" off easily. "

" Nice for the price and doesn't take up space! "

" A great buy for the money. I bought this for next to my computer when I need to write down a website or account number. Love the 700 notes! We own a tree farm, so the picture was perfect for us. "

" It's going to be a long time before I run out on notes! "

" So cute! "

" I wanted something kind of cute that would go anywhere, and this delivered! "

" Love this .. love it cause it does not have the sticky stuff on it. Like to keep in my pocket as reminders. "

" Impressed! Strong, durable sticky note made from 100% recycled paper. "

" Excellent quality! Paper is thick enough to write on without bleeding through. Will order this note cube again! "

" This is a great product - attractive, high quality, well-designed and very handy! "

" PERFECT. Just what we wanted! "

" The workmanship is impeccable, and it has no odor. "

" We love these note cubes to keep by the phone/computer. The cube is easy to see (doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of papers) and the designs are pretty. "

" Not merely a notepad, it's a member of my permanent collection of desk art. "

" I love this pad for quick notes. I cut the big cube into three cubes for home, office, and second home. Wonderful. "

" I love the fact that it's a recycled paper of a sturdy weight for doodling and grocery lists. I'm getting a bunch for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers this year! "

" Will buy these again!!! We love these. We use them for all our notes!!! "

" Super cool notepad! Received this notepad stack as a gift from a colleague and I love it! "

" Good choice in note cubes. Good quality paper and assembly. "

" Just as advertised. What I was looking for. "

" Pretty and endlessly useful - the infinite sticky pad! I'm constantly making notes to myself, and this note cube seems to last forever. "

" I no longer have to search for paper to make lists - so cute and love the sticky note version, too! "

" I like how the paper peels off without leaving a band of adhesive. Each paper has a nice clean writing surface. "

" If you don't want stickie notes, these are wonderful. I LOVE that these have no stickie backing. I love the daffodils poem, too. The note paper tears off easily. "

" Very neat! This is a very cute notepad. I like the cube form because you don't have loose papers laying around. "

" This note cube is great for the kitchen, it fits the decor, and it has a photo that attracts attention. I've never been complimented on a pad of paper before. "

" Apples look great In the kitchen! Note pad blends well sitting on the kitchen counter! I love having a piece of paper close by to write myself a note on without having a tablet sitting on the kitchen counter! "

" This cube of memo paper is simply beautiful. The arrangement of fruit and vegetables, all with a red theme, makes it a perfect accent for my kitchen. "

" Practical and pretty, as expected! "

" Simple, but incredibly useful! I actually really love this paper cube. I bought it to replace a decorative note holder that had run out of notes. "

" Love. I've had these cubes before I love these little note papers. "

" My son uses this note cube to create flashcards for Spanish Class. "

" I like that the note cube is made in the USA; I know that I'm buying domestic when I get it. "

" Pad lasts forever. Gave these as presents last year and I plan to again this year. "

" Gifted this to my mother for Mother's Day. She was happy! Also bought myself one and keep it by the phone for messages. It's cute! "

" I needed a block of message notes, NOT sticky notes. I use recycled paper products and I buy American. This product meets all three requirements. SOLD. The product quality is good. "

" Love these desk top cubes. Well made and should last a long time. When they're gone, I will reorder. "

" We Love It...!!!! Use It From Making Groceries Lists To Leaving Notes For Each Other....!!!!! "

" These fit perfectly in a cube we've had for years and the size is perfect for us. "

" Great. Does the job. "

" Aunt-in-law happy. "

" Very pleased. Excellent purchase. Would definitely buy this again. "

" The colorful grids on each Off the Grid page are light, not overwhelming. I enjoy writing on them more than blank white paper. "

" Nice thick paper and large enough to make a little shopping list too. "

" I have looked everywhere to find these non-sticky notes, so glad I finally found a place to buy them. "

" Nice size and I like the ocean colors. "

" This perfectly suited our office needs. "

" Love this handy note cube. I keep it by my phone at the office, it has a beautiful design and is high quality. "

" Beautiful images, recycled, made in USA. What's not to like? "

" Perfect cube! "

" Pretty and useful. "

" Great for quick notes or small lists. No sticky back, so you can write on both sides. "

" Long lasting! Good quality of paper and lots of it! "

" Great product. Good quality note paper. Love the themes! "

" I ordered this item to replace a paper cube box. It works really well and I love the pen holder. "

" My second cube. When the first one ran out, I immediately reordered as I like the functionality of this cube. "

" Cute. Love this cube. I split it in half (two rows of hearts above and two below) and kept half at home and took the other half to work. "

" I loved that these *aren't* sticky notes like most cubes are. I wanted paper that would tear off the pad and not stick to anything. "

" I also plan on buying one or two of the other cubes from this seller as they are very pretty. They make super gifts! "

" Been looking for these forever. Just what I need. "

" Will buy these again!!! My wife loves them. We use them for all our notes. "

" Very pretty and nice thick sheets with excellent stickiness! "

" Perfectly non-sticky. "

" Looks great on my desk. "

" I think that this paper cube is very attractive with the sky motif. "

" I love this product. This is the first I have used these and so far I love them. "

" Love it. Basic but what I needed. "

" I wanted the cube to fit in a dispenser I've had forever and it works well. "

" I saw a few other picture versions and when this one is gone, I may either try the tulip one or the cloud one. I am very happy with my purchase! "

" PERFECT SIZE. This is the most convenient notepad around. A sheet fits perfectly in a shirt pocket. A cube lasts about two years at one per day. "

" Overall, the product is as exactly as stated on Amazon. It comes shrink wrapped nicely, too. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and will purchase more as needed. "

" Fantastic! Love this cube. I ordered this one, cut it into three mini cubes - home office, office, and home. "

" Cute. I like the colors, and the paper is thick enough not to be flimsy. I'm trying to figure out if there's a picture built into the clouds - the jury is still out. "

" Bought the Hearts Note Cube as a Valentine's gift for a friend and I am so very pleased with the looks of it that I will buy another for myself! "

" Love the Snow Day! I was given this lovely note cube as a gift and I just love it! I love the Zen of the snow on the trees, and the quiet vibe that emanates from it. "

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